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Speaking of walking the robot kingdom tour: caibao comes!
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Speaking of walking robot kingdom tour, CIROS 2016 international robot summer exhibition. Guangdong kaibao robot for this trip, but carefully prepared for a long time, about this exhibition highlights, together to watch live broadcast.


Come into the exhibition with our footsteps, wow... The scene is not too hot, see not, everywhere is the crowd surge. It seems that high-tech has been integrated into people's lives, so let's watch industrial robots live with live streaming.

This time, we mainly introduce the guangdong kaibao robot, which is the first choice of industrial robots. Let's take a look at some of the diligent robots to show us.

With the increasingly substituting of artificial advantages for industrial robots, kaibao rolled out the following robots



1. HS10 quad-axis robot

The HS10 quad-axis robot developed by guangdong kaibao robotics company is also called scara robot, and also called horizontal multi-joint robot.


It is characterized by three rotating axes, whose axes are parallel to each other, where they are positioned and directed in the plane, and the other is the moving axis, which is used to complete the motion of the ends perpendicular to the plane.


Its structure is light and responsive, it is best suited for flat surface positioning, vertical direction for assembly and placement, so it is applied to assembly operation, printed circuit board and electronic parts etc.

So powerful is it a "good worker" who works hard and works hard?


2. Hr07-01 six-axis robot


Hr07-01 six-axis robot, also known as the vertical multi-joint robot or multi-axis robot, is one of the most common industrial robot forms in the industrial field today. With five or six axis of rotation, controller, servo drive system and detect a sensing device, is a humanoid, similar to human's arm, can replace a lot of not suitable for human to complete, harmful to the body of work.

Is widely used in spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, stamping equipment and materials, the bending machine blanking, forging up-down material, cutting material from top to bottom, stacking and handling, curve polishing polishing, spraying sorting, etc.


See the function is very powerful, almost omnipotent, just saw two money is not to be addicted to? For more information, please contact us. We sincerely welcome your arrival.

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