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Guangdong kaibao robot technology co., LTD., successfully
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Guangdong KaiBao robot technology co., LTD. With the professional r&d team, advanced product design, product quality, and good corporate management, through the high-tech enterprise certification.

The "high-tech enterprise certificate" issued by guangdong provincial science and technology hall and guangdong provincial taxation bureau has become one of the high-tech enterprises in guangdong province in 2015.


According to the state administration of high and new technology enterprises and the degree of recognition of high and new enterprises. On October 10, 2015, kaibao robot officially acquired the high-tech enterprise certificate.


This marks the technical aspect of kaibao robot company, the product innovation, the quality of the excellent aspects, a higher floor.


In the future, kaibao will make more efforts to become the backbone of domestic robots and become the most powerful force in the industrial robot.