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[high-tech robot, sharp company] kaibao robot: from trader
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In robot industry chain in China, the research and development of ontology is not something to please, the personage inside course of study or even what do ontology research and development, the production enterprise without a robot is to make money, and in the field of robot has been lurching has nearly 10 years of Jiang Kai were determined forged ahead.


Established by the guangdong KaiBao Jiang Kai robot co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "KaiBao robot") was founded in 2012, but Jiang Kai in 2006 enterprises in China has become a well-known Japanese robots traders. Since then, jiang kai's robot business has expanded rapidly to cover the whole of south China and east China.


Are Jiang Kai robot trade market, more influenced by a new round of global industry division of labor, for years of China's demographic dividend is fast approaching fast downward channel, more and more manufacturing enterprises begin to want to try to use robots to replace part of the Labour force, the robot industry also gradually usher in rapid growth.


Watched Chinese robot industry "cake" bigger and bigger, and Jiang Kai agent all robots for foreign brands, the existing domestic robots brand it is difficult to get the favour of enterprise application. Therefore, jiang kai had the idea of creating a brand of autonomous robot.


The ontological struggle


In 2009, Jiang Kai called part in the process of robot trade make the Japanese engineers, including Dr Yamagata university in Japan and a few in the robot industry technical staff for many years, started a robot ontology to be completed.


When the first robot came out, it was three years later, and after countless failures, jiang's effort paid off.


After seven years, KaiBao robot product line has been gradually improve, now has a rectangular coordinates, DELTA, SCARA and multi-joint robot more independent property rights, products are widely used in 3 c industry, automobile parts, etc.


At present, the development of China's industrial robots are in the golden period, on the one hand, the rise of robot related manufacturing enterprises have sprung up, on the other hand, the application of robot also rapidly expanding industrial production field.


Robot industry in China, however, behind the heat rising sharply, most domestic enterprises is still in the robot products surfacing technology accumulation stage, the lack of brand strength and industry influence, the application of mistrust of the enterprise, lead to domestic enterprise makes its robot in the process of popularization.


In this context, kaibao robot is no exception. But another trading company, jiang kai, has been in business for more than a decade and has accumulated rich customer resources and has become the key to kaibao's successful opening of the market.


In the early days of kaibao's products, jiang sold his products to his former clients to try out the opportunities. "After a period of trial, the customer's feedback accuracy and stability are not lost to foreign robot brands, and the market gradually opens up."


In 2015, the development of kaibao robot is on the right track. At present, the order of kaibao robot continuously, the turnover of the company is growing steadily at 50 %.


However, the market of kaibao robot is open, thanks to the high quality and low price of its robot products.


KaiBao robot controller is with foreign manufacturers joint development with over 30 years of controller development experience, combined with its trading company agent reducer, motor, occupies the agent resources, KaiBao robot products on cost advantage.


"Compared with similar products abroad, the price of the robot is 20% to 30% less, which is very attractive for the application enterprise." "Said jiang kai.


In addition, kaibao robot also provides supporting system integration services for the application enterprises. At present, from single automation to whole line automation, to digital factory is the inevitable trend of the development of the robot industry, the robot has already laid out its layout.


It is worth mentioning that the robot has sold the robot to South Korea and has been working with an agent in South Korea to promote the products of kaibao robot in South Korea. Accepting a tougher test in the market competition, jiang is clearly ready.