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Indigenous robotics companies have released their own four-a
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On July 21, guangdong kaibao robot co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "kaibao robot") released the first self-developed horizontal multi-joint four-axis robot. The growth in songshan lake home robot enterprise, according to the results of independent research and development to the quality of imports, domestic price, is expected to cost about four axis robot two to thirty percent cheaper than similar imported.


In the field of domestic intelligent manufacturing, the research and development of robot ontology is not an ingratiating thing. Some industry insiders even say that none of the robot enterprises that only do ontology research and development are making money. As a company that has been in the robotics industry for years, the bot has been hoping to create robots that can be built around the world by making innovations.


According to general manager Jiang Kai KaiBao robot, the release of four axis robot has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, the spare parts and 3 c industry is mainly used in enterprises, can be based on the existing 3 or 4 times for manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, has received more than 20 Taiwan orders, potential partners covering the panasonic, SONY and other well-known brand products OEM enterprises.


"In addition to the speed reducer, servo motor and so on a few core parts still have to rely on import, four axis robot motion control system, software system all by our independent research and development, so on the price of the imported brands have certain advantages, in similar products can be two to thirty percent cheaper." Jiang Kai said, although the enterprise main orders now still is given priority to with robot system integrated one-stop solution, but then, he will put more money and resources into ontology research and development, then, the enterprise will also posted six axis vertical robot, step by step, in order to replace foreign brand products in the field of robot body of the market.