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Common driving mode for direct hand mechanical arm
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Due to its simple structure, accurate positioning and low price, it is widely used in automation equipment. There are four main driving modes: power drive, mechanical drive, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive.


Electric power and air pressure are the most widely used. I'll give you a brief overview of these four drivers.


1. Electric drive


Electric drive is the most used type of driving mode for direct hand mechanical arm. Its characteristic is to use, fast response, strong driving force (rectangular type mechanical arm can reach hundreds of kilograms), photoelectric detection, transmission, control, powerful, and can use a variety of flexible control mode. Drive motor is generally driven by stepper motor and servo motor. Due to the motor rotation characteristics, it is usually necessary to install the deceleration device during the vertical installation to prevent the mechanical arm from slipping and damaging the product when the power is suddenly cut off. Some mechanical arms have begun to adopt the high torque and low speed motor of the non-decelerating mechanism to drive directly, which can simplify the reduction device and improve the precision.


2. Pneumatic drive


Mechanical arm pneumatic drive is usually by the compressed air system, trachea, control valves, gas storage and so on, its characteristic is convenient air, air pressure, simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance. But it is difficult to control the speed, the air pressure is not easy to control, the accuracy is low, the snatch ability is low.


3. Hydraulic drive


Hydraulic driven mechanical arm is usually composed of hydraulic system (hydraulic oil unit, motor), valve, oil pump, fuel tank, etc., and it is carried out by the actuator of the actuator arm. Hydraulic pressure is bigger, often have a big load capacity (up to several hundred kilograms), its advantage is compact structure, smooth motion, impact resistance, good resistance to vibration, explosion-proof, but have higher requirements for hydraulic system of manufacturing process and seal performance, otherwise oil will pollute the environment.


4. Mechanical drive


Mechanically actuated robotic arms are only used for stationary occasions. A chain connecting rod is used to realize the specified action. Its advantages are reliable action, fast working speed, low cost, but not easy to adjust.


Other hybrid drives, such as liquid-gas or electro-hydraulic mixtures, are used only for specific occasions and are not widely used.