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Company history
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 In 2010, guangdong kaibao r&d technology department was formally established

Develop HBR/HBRC series open/clean single shaft manipulator in 2011


In 2012, guangdong kaibao robot technology co., LTD was formally established and obtained a number of high-tech products certificate of guangdong province (multi-functional industrial robot).


In 2013, we jointly developed and developed the HBR 4-axis SCARA dedicated industrial robot controller with the Japanese technical team


In 2014, the products were sold in south China, east China, north China, district and the whole country


Joined the member of dongguan robot industry association in 2014

The new official website was revamped and targeted to users in 2015


In 2015, won the golden globe award of shenzhen high-tech robot

August won the gold award of shenzhen 2015 industrial design hongfan award.


In August, he won the 4th China innovation entrepreneurship competition (guangdong) and the third "pearl river angel cup" technology innovation entrepreneurship competition


In October, it was awarded the "innovation enterprise award" of the industry robot category of "the top ten machine tool enterprises in 2015".


In January 2016, the "crystal ball award" was awarded to the "crystal ball" robot, which is the annual robot of the shenzhen high-tech robot.